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Guild 2018 was held on May 14 & 15 in the Recital Hall at Graves Piano & Organ Company.  Guild is a closed session between student and adjudicator. The student is graded on their performance of a prepared program. The program sizes are Local (2-3 pieces), District (4-6), State (7-9) and National (10).  The adjudicator takes into consideration their age and how long they have studied.

Our adjudicator this year was Jan Rengert. She has served as a Guild adjudicator since 1990, having judged throughout Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and Michigan. Mrs. Rengert has 18 years of piano study to her credit, having studied with Robert C. Lawrence of Ohio Wesleyan University and Rosemary Platt at The Ohio State University.  Her Bachelor of Music degree is in music history with piano as her principle instrument. 


While in Virginia, she taught music at Mary Baldwin School and took private students at UVA, where she was a music librarian. She has taught group piano at the Newark campus of OSU and has operated her own private piano studio for nearly forty years, teaching students of all ages and advancement. 


Presently, she lives with her husband in Newark, OH.  They are the parents of three adult children and grandparents of seven granddaughters.  She is active in her church music program, the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs, Piano Guild, and has been a member of VMTA and OMTA for which organizations, she has also served as a piano judge. 


Why I like Judging Piano Guild Auditions: “When Guild judging, the time just flies by. Each student and each teacher is unique, and it is a wonderful challenge to find ways of expressing this uniqueness on the grade cards.”

Graduating Senior Nico passes his 7th Guild Program
Kate receives her 7-year National Pin
Aiden receives her 6-year National Pin
Jack receives his 5-year National Pin

Addison - National Program
Ana - District Program
Annahita - National Program (photo pending)
Bentley - District Program
Carter - District Program
Ella - National Program
Emilia - District Program
Erin - National Program
Isabel - Local Program
Jack - State Program
Jenny - District Program
Jerry - Local Program
John - National Program
Katherine - District Program
Lucia - National Program
Marion - Local Program
Paula - Duet Program
Robin - Local Program
Tommy - District Program
Vince - Local Program