Cynthia Adams Piano Studio

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April, 2017
My career as a professional pianist spans over 30 years. My first passion is teaching, and this website illustrates my devotion to and success in this profession. It also illustrates my ability to nurture students of all talent levels and ages. My second passion is accompanying.

I am a graduate of Marietta College (Marietta, OH) where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, K-12, with Piano as my Performing Instrument.

My website is designed to showcase my students, to relay information to their parents and to tell you about myself.  Enjoy!

December, 2016

I am married to the talented and creative
Eric P. Bruce
no relationship to Earl

Eric graduated from *The* Ohio State University with a Degree in Journalism and a Minor in Theater. He is an amazing artist, writer, designer and photographer.
Things I enjoy doing in my free time are:
Our dachshunds, King Toby and Queen Simone.
Toby (right) was born in May, 2012.
Simone was born in December, 2004.